Learn a Time Saving Sales System Delivering New Clients Less Than 30 Days!Learn a Time Saving Sales System Delivering New Clients Less Than 30 Days!Learn a Time Saving Sales System Delivering New Clients Less Than 30 Days!Learn a Time Saving Sales System Delivering New Clients Less Than 30 Days!

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Small Business Productivity Tips

Client testimonial

"Every time we send out a mailing piece that he creates we get business!”

 “I have been working with Metropolitan Small Business Coaching LLC (Rusty) for over 7 years in areas of business coaching and marketing for my business to get more customers and produce more sales revenues from my existing customer base.  Usually we discuss the type of marketing strategy to use (e.g. a letter, a postcard mailer, etc.) then he designs it, writes the sales copy and tells me when is the best time to mail it for maximum impact. Every time we send out a mailing piece that he creates we get business!”.

- Michael Leibfred, Owner

Leibfred Landscaping - Wayne, NJ

My new book for 2019

"Selling for Non-Selling Professionals© is designed for 

Non-Sales professionals with no sales experience who need, want and desire to get more customers/clients with a “step-by-step” methodology to be closing more deals quicker and be generating more revenues in less time."

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Book Chapter

Here is Your FREE Chapter from my book:   


Learn Basic, Proven and Results Oriented Sales Skills, Methods and Techniques to Get Clients Consistently with No Prior Sales Background and Increase Revenues, Reduce Business Stress and Create a Productive Work-Life Balance!


Is this yoU and some of the challenges you are facing?


  • Understanding Your "TARGET MARKET(s)"?
  • Need Help Developing new business
  • The Constant Stress of Going it Alone


  • Creating a “MARKETING MACHINE” Business Process?
  • Identifying and Hiring the Right Talent
  • Standardizing Business Processes to Train New Hires

Small Business Owner

  • Need to create a "PREDICTABLE SELLING SYSTEM"?
  • "I've Got a Stack of Business Cards that are Good Business Leads, but They've Just Been Sitting in a Box Gathering Dust."
  • My Sales People Don't Know How to Sell Big Deals.

Technology Business

  • Need help selling "COMPLEX SALES SOLUTIONS"? (Not complicated solutions)
  • Not Sure What Business Problem does your technical solution solve
  • Don’t understand marketing and sales functions to get clients

Attorney (Law Firms)

  • Trying to figure out your law firm's "BUSINESS VALUE PROPOSITION"?
  • Need help finding new business prospects and turn them into billable clients
  • Competition from other law firms

Personal Development

  • Why am I Here? What's my true "LIFE PURPOSE"?
  • SPIRITUALITY? RELIGION? Do I need either? Do I need both?
  • I'm a care giver and I need support.

Help is Available to Reach Your Professional and Personal Goals!

No Need to Go It Alone!

Running a small business in the best of times can be a challenging venture let alone when times are not that good.


It’s critical to be closing more deals, increasing profits, productivity and lowering costs whenever and wherever possible.

Now small business owners can work with a fellow small business owner to reach goals and objectives quicker,

 smarter and faster than doing it alone - all at a reasonable cost!


 What's In It For You?

  • Spend your time on your business – getting new clients, delivering products and services and not worrying about all the other things you need to be doing for your business to be successful!
  • Work with a fellow entrepreneur that understands the challenges you are going through and offers “real world” low cost or no cost solutions to problems!

  • Get the expertise you need when you need it without having people on payroll!

  • Have a work life balance and enjoy the fruits of your labor to spend time with family, friends and lifestyle!

Small Business Success Assessment

Are You Making Enough Money?

Contact me for a complimentary 30 minute, 

"Small Business Success Assessment" (a $250 value!), to examine what's areas of your business are working well and what areas may need improvement. 

You will leave this session learning what's working well and what business functions may need improvement in the following business areas:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Packaging Products and/or Services
  • Customer Service

Get the verbal results immediately after our conversation! 

This No Cost or Obligation offer is available for a limited time so contact me today to schedule you appointment!