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Experience You Can Count On

  • Oreste “Rusty” D’Aversa has over twenty years experience in the various functions of corporate work (Training, Consulting, Technical Support, Customer Service, Pre/Post Sales Support and Front Line Sales) predominately in the Technology industry .  He also has over 20 years experience as an"Solopreneur" being a “One Person Industry”. 

  • He is a Small Business Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Public Speaking Coach, Job Search Coach and University Lecturer. He has appeared on television and radio discussing his expertise in various subjects and has authored numerous books, manuals, articles and audio CDs on business related and personal growth subjects.


  • Mr. D’Aversa’s well-rounded background also includes experience in:  Strategic Planning, Marketing, Sales, Products/Services Packaging , Customer Service, Media Appearances, Delivery of Professional Services and Home Office Set Up.

  • Rev. Oreste J. D'Aversa ("Reverend Rusty") is an Inter-Faith (All-Faiths) Minister ordained by The New Seminary in New York City, NY.  He is also a Spiritual Guide, Teacher, and Counselor helping people on their spiritual path and with their life purpose. 

For more information, send me a request on our Contact Us page, or call 201-483-8660.


  • My goal is to help transform people from who they are now to who they want to become in their professional and personal lives. 

  • Empowering clients with the use of proven, results oriented tools, methods and techniques with the ultimate goal of ‘teaching clients to fish’ on their own.  

  • Everyone has the ability to reach their full potential if they are willing 'learn, practice and master' the skills necessary to become successful.  

  • There are no limits only the ones we set in our minds.